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Today's Seattle P.I.: BMW talks about Dodgeball

Last night I stayed in -- between the moderate break-up depression and the lack of energy from a busy week, I ended up taking a nap that overruled any evening plans. All's well though, I needed the rest. :-/
Seattle PI front page (PDF, 268kb) for 19 Aug 2006
I woke up early this morning in Seattle, stumbled my way out of bed, into a cab and hopped on QX2057 to Portland. While on the plane (and minutes past any newspaper machines in the terminal), I received a text message from stargazen that read: "Gina... You do know you've made the front page fo the Seattle PI right?" (I hadn't heard... certainly not front page.) Of course not a single copy of the PI onboard the commuter plane (lots of Times, no PI of course). I'm pictured on the front of today's paper with friends Joe and Kyle in an article discussing Dodgeball, Google's mobile social-networking service. The article itself is good, with only a few slight inaccuracies (apparently I'm a 'support manager' now?). Take a read to learn about Dodgeball, and buy a copy of the Seattle P.I. today ... I'll be happy to autograph your copy when I return to SEA tomorrow. ;-)

Seattle PI Links: homepage | story | front page | Sign up for Dodgeball:

In other news, I'm excited to be going out tonight with my PDX friends. But don't worry Seattle, I'll be back tomorrow in time for Hooters with Lily Armani!

I figure I have about 11 minutes of fame left.... Enjoy the weekend!
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